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In this new era of Internet-based communication, our lives have radically transformed. If a question pops into our heads, we can type it into a search engine, and the answer will appear before our very eyes–like magic. The range of possible questions can vary from digital marketing-related to debates over cats and dogs.

But don’t always expect to get clear answers from Google because search engines only offer a list of places where you might be able to find solutions to your problems. By using a social question-and-answer website like Quora instead, you get direct answers to your questions from real people. It also empowers you to determine if the answerer has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide accurate information.

Let’s say you want to increase organic traffic to your website. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable using information given by an experienced marketer than by a non-human online platform?

In addition to its primary function, which is to share and grow the world’s knowledge, Quora can help you build your professional brand, improve your leadership presence, and direct high-quality traffic to your website. Let’s go over this question-and-answer platform and determine how to use Quora for marketing.

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