Web Hosting Service 

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides server capacities for hosting digital data. Most often, hosting is used to publish websites on the Internet, but there may be other purposes: installing highly specialized programs, storing large amounts of data, or automating enterprise management.

The main feature of website hosting is an uninterrupted Internet connection, thanks to which, remote access to materials and functions is possible at any time.

Under current conditions, web hosting is indispensable to any entrepreneur. Thus, it is extremely important to understand how to pick a web host service that perfectly fits your case.

Types of web hosting

There are different web hosting types available on the market, depending on how they are implemented. They differ in terms of power, disk space, and cost.

Virtual (shared) hosting

Virtual hosting is a web hosting environment that allows placing many client accounts on a single server. In other words, each user receives a small piece of disk space where one or more websites can be loaded.

So, what does it mean to host a website through shared hosting? In this case, each provider sets the rules of use and creates a set of options for the client, depending on the hosting plan. For example, when using the basic plan, you can usually place only one website on a server. To store several or an unlimited number of websites, you will need to take into account more extended plans (but there may be a limit on the number of files).

Shared hosting is the easiest and most affordable way of hosting a website, which is why it runs the bulk of web resources.

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