What is Google?

The rapid advancement of innovative technologies has enabled us to further push the boundaries of marketing. For instance, with the help of Google Alerts, we can monitor the web for the content relevant to our company, competitors, and industry as a whole.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic to identify what is “Google Alerts,” how it works, how to set this service up, and why it can be useful for taking your business to the next level.

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a free tool that tracks the Internet and notifies you about queries you specify. Whether it is your organization or personal name, essential keywords used in your industry, or competitors’ names, you can monitor the web for any mentions you want.

Once Google finds results that match a user’s search term, it sends notifications and alerts to your email address. Depending on your needs and goals, you can set the notifications to come either daily, weekly, or as-it-happens. You’ll also be able to set up the exact time of sending alerts to your inbox.


Ways Google Alerts can benefit your business

Considering that each Internet user can make up to 1,000 alerts per Gmail account, there is a chance to accomplish many goals for potential business growth. Here’s the list of the most effective ways alerts can benefit your organization:

Online reputation management

In the digital era, online reputation management has become a vital part of any business marketing strategy. In turn, proactive monitoring of your brand name and company’s executives is one of the best ways to improve or maintain your online reputation.

And this is what Google Alerts is designed for. Simply enter your company name or the names of people working at executive-level positions into the search box, set up necessary filters, and monitor all mentions that match your parameters.

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