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Google rules the search market, but don’t sleep on Bing.

While the Bing search engine is largely overshadowed by Google, Bing SEO and PPC campaigns can still drive appreciable business growth.

It will take some effort to tap into this platform’s potential. You have to know what people are searching for on Bing by finding the right keywords.

Bing Keyword Planner lets you dig into Bing’s search queries database. You can see what people are Binging at any given time. This data can shape future SEO or PPC campaigns that you use to grow your business.

We’ll look at how to use Bing Keyword Planner to research keywords and build a marketing campaign.

But first…

Why is Bing important for your marketing strategy?

Bing controls 26.8% of the US desktop search market. Since people do use Bing, you should mark it as a priority for your search marketing efforts alongside Google. Here are some more reasons why Bing should be on your marketing strategy to-do-list:

Low cost and competition

Google is the go-to search engine. Everyone uses it. In fact, Google dominates 85.6% of the search market. While Google gets significantly more traffic than Bing or other search engines, it also has fierce competition.

It can feel like a losing battle trying to rank on Google, especially if you’re a small business competing against a well-established enterprise. Close to 91% of web pages get no traffic from Google.

Bing offers a ray of hope to young startups because fewer people go on it. That’s where your opportunity lies—less competition.


Not as many websites are trying to rank high on Bing. If you think trying to rank high on a search engine with little search traffic makes no sense, think again. Bing still has 7.6% of the market share. This may look like a modest number, but it can lead to good organic traffic.

Bing could be useful for paid search marketing as well. One insurance company in India even doubled its conversions using Bing Ads. This company also decreased its cost per acquisition by 20% by making the switch.

Businesses with a limited marketing budget can use Bing to build affordable PPC campaigns, attracting valuable leads but spending much less per click compared to Google Ads.

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