On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is an optimization process you can use to rank higher in SERPs by tweaking the elements of your website that are within your control. This process plays an essential role when running successful SEO campaigns, helping you improve both your site’s rankings and user experience. Once you have all of the factors of on-site SEO covered, Google will better understand whether your page meets your target audience’s expectations.

This process can be time-consuming if done manually, but we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll take you through the on-page SEO process step-by-step so you can easily perform it using a combination of simple online tools.

What are the most important on-page SEO elements?

Enhancing a website’s rankings has become more difficult and complex over the years because Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving. To keep up with these changes and drive more organic traffic, you’ll need to know the best on-site techniques.

Before we dive into any distinct features of the on-page SEO process, let’s first clarify what elements you’ll need to optimize. Tweaking these elements will boost your online presence and attract more Internet users.


H1 tags

Unlike the title tag shown in the browser window and SERPs, the H1 tag is usually only found on the website itself. It indicates a website’s main topic, making it clear to both human visitors and bots what the content’s purpose is.

To segment content into a clear hierarchical structure, marketers often use different levels of heading tags, starting from

to This improves the navigation on the page for users and increases the speed with which Google can understand a page’s structure and purpose.


Another crucial on-page SEO element is the URL address. Even though URLs themselves don’t have a major impact on a website’s rankings, you can improve the overall user experience by making this element SEO-friendly. Take a look at examples of good and bad URL structures:

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