Ecommerce SEO

According to the BrightEdge report, organic search is the dominant source of web traffic. It delivered 41% of ecommerce industry traffic in May 2019 compared to 23.6% from paid search visits. The same report revealed that organic traffic is responsible for 36.4% of revenues for ecommerce.

This is a worthy harvest to reap for your website, but you’ll have to crack the first page in the SERPs first. The higher your position, the more likely it is that this traffic will go to your site instead of your competitors, increasing your conversions.

Optimize your site both for search bots and visitors to reach the top. Conducting an ecommerce SEO audit is the first step toward this goal. Use it to identify your site’s weaknesses and get insights on the improvements needed.


What’s the difference between technical and SEO audits?

A website audit is a comprehensive check aimed at identifying possible problems preventing your site from getting to the top of the SERP. It’s similar to a medical examination. Before prescribing any medication, a doctor must run some tests, analyze the results, and identify the disease. Then the doctor can select the right meds for their patient.

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