Content Complete Guide

When was the last time you evaluated existing content on your site? Was it a week ago? A month? Maybe even a year?

It’s easy to put so much effort into creating new blog posts, guides, e-books, and so on that you can forget to review already published content to identify what’s working and what’s not.

To check if the content distributed on your site helps you to achieve your current marketing goals (attracting, selling, or educating), you’ll need to constantly assess your content’s relative strengths and weaknesses. Do this by putting it through a comprehensive content audit process.

Moreover, Google launched the “helpful content update” in August 2022, incentivizing many marketers to examine, assess, and evaluate the quality of their content. This update was intended to reward useful content written for humans rather than for search engines. By reviewing your content and making it more people-oriented, you can boost your Google rankings and increase user engagement at the same time.

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