What is keyword stuffing?

When optimizing web pages for search engines like Google, you may want to take the easy way out by using various manipulation tactics to quickly get higher rankings.

You may even be thinking: “If search engines use keywords to match pages with search queries, why not ‘stuff’ as many of them as possible onto a single page to get it ranked for several highly-searchable keywords?”


Let me stop you there.

While stuffing does go great with a Thanksgiving turkey, it doesn’t do the same magic for keywords. As a matter of fact, black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing will actually do you more bad (a lot more) than good. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the black hat tactic of keyword stuffing in SEO.

Keyword stuffing: a naughty word that’ll get you in trouble

According to Google’s guidelines, the definition of keyword stuffing is, in simple terms, the practice of excessively filling a web page with keywords with the ultimate goal of gaming the search giant’s ranking system.

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