Quality Link Building for E-Commerce

Produce some in-depth content and power it up with links

There’s no sense in building links to some mediocre pages on your site. The truth is even if you make them rank well they’re still not going to help you generate leads and sales. Let’s face it—users nowadays are very picky, and they won’t spend their time digesting content that doesn’t meet their expectations (e.g. answering their questions).

Your main goal is to produce high-quality, educational content that should be closely connected to your user’s search intent. Only having such content will allow you to rank higher in search engines and effectively convert organic visitors into potential clients. In fact, companies that regularly publish quality content generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

The key to a winning content strategy will be focusing on topics that could be then turned into lengthy guides. This way you need to build fewer links as your pages will be related to each other and share link juice.

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